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We have experience more than 10 years in manufacturing fields.



We have experience more than 18 years in manufacturing fields.

Safety Enhancement in Rolling Stock


The cost of the aftermath of accidents in rail transportation is very high, the most important purpose of the rail system is to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicles. Based on the AI algorithm, from vehicle condition, cabin monitoring, passenger behavior, and track intrusion detection, all these applications are implemented to avoid accidents from all aspects.

AI benefits in analyzing track conditions and driving assistance, while passenger counting and human behavior can also derive data through image analysis as a reference for commercial operations and even help achieve epidemic prevention measures, such as mask detection and social distance.

With the certification of EN50155, the integration curve of the system is also smoother, further speeding up the integration and lowering the application threshold.

Information Hub on the Automotives


For a wide range of vehicle specifications, the road solutions are certified and compliant with industry standards to deploy on various scenarios, such as buses, trucks, dedicated vehicle management including police cars and ambulance, with extended capabilities depending on application requirements.

Built-in GNSS, Wi-Fi, LTE, and CANBus interfaces are to handle vehicle operation information, route planning, and passenger status for safety and productivity or business operations in a much more efficient manner.

Several protections are also applied to perform a durable operation. Anti-vibration ensures the system work on different types of rugged terrain, power ignition with wide-range power input minimize the possible damage caused by external factors, significantly reduce demands of maintenance.


Smarter Solution to Build a Smart City


Intelligent traffic management is a critical part of building a smart city, especially under the high intensity of productivity, how to take care of the rights-of-way of all kinds of vehicles and pedestrian safety under the premise of unimpeded transportation is a particular issue faced by metropolitan areas.

Our out-vehicle product line helps authorities deploy computing performance in data centers and road terminals. Powerful communication capabilities bring real-time cloud management. The excellent thermal design and heating mechanism copes with extreme environments and keeps the system running steadily for a long time without being affected by climate.

The miniaturized design also enhances the flexibility of system deployment and the mobility of the application scenarios. Taiwan's largest telecom operator, Chunghwa Telecom, has developed a traffic enforcement system based on our products in conjunction with local police forces, striking a good balance between social responsibility and business operations.


Main Force of ITS


Products relevant to intelligent transportation are tailored to various applications based on functionality. Considerations can be differentiated by anti-vibration requirements, GPU AI-Enabled, wide temperature, indoor and outdoor environments, specific automotive certifications and automotive interfaces, etc. We also performs a high level of customization to enhance the adaptivity of products.

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