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We have experience more than 10 years in manufacturing fields.


Automatic Robot Solution


Our Solution Provides Reliable and Stable High-Performance Computing Engine for Various Robots and Remote Controllers With the popularization of artificial intelligence applications and the development of around-the-clock global logistics, mobile robots' demand in industries is dominated by e-commerce and manufacturing and has continued to rise. Demand for robots in manufacturing facilities worldwide is a key driver to the global industrial robot market. The articulated segment accounted for around 39.2% of the global industrial robots market in 2019. In 2020, affected by the raging COVID-19, the public avoid going out in fear of infection. Not only has e-commerce orders surged, but significant e-commerce companies must also expand the deployment of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

Our Products to Power UP Robots


Simply put, in the world of robots, the industrial computer does rule. We lines up a comprehensive product line to meet the need of customers. Furthermore, robots also need an industrial computer as control units to provide necessities that can not be satisfied with consumer-grade products, these factors may seem cliché, but they can only be achieved with a wealth of experience. Stable, long-term, and uninterrupted productivity comes from several critical factors to implement in robots. Our products to power up robots by reliable and stable high-performance computing engine for various robots and remote controllers. Over the past few years, We have contributed to numbers of robotics projects for our partners and has actual performance and worth-sharing evidence.

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