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We have experience more than 18 years in manufacturing fields.

Gearing Your Medical Equipment 


After 18 years of experiences, we providing the most comprehensive offerings of reliable and robust industrial motherboards. Mini-ITX for medical panel and box PC, micro-ATX for surgical and x-ray imaging devices, ATX for CT scan systems, SBC, industrial pi, and more, dedicates to providing outstanding quality with high integration for customers’ demand. Our orducts also has rich experience in medical regulatory standard and certifications such as UL-60601, IEC60601, and EN60601, which is indispensable in the medical sector.

Delicate small pc target on smart clinic


Quietness, flexibility, and compactness, our medical systems offers full computing power and provides high-resolution imaging capabilities, easily providing imaging and video recording in smart ward and recovery room as well as data analysis in intelligent nursing station and clinic. The comprehensive protection from dust intrusion and bacterial residue, the system is designed with fanless, Nano-silver antibacterial coating, and effortless cleaning, complying with maintenance-free and strict hygiene regulations.

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