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We have experience more than 10 years in manufacturing fields.


Ideal Dev Boards for Industrial Robots and Automation


Small footprint, big blueprint. DFI Industrial Pi, based on the x86 platforms with Intel Atom and AMD R1000 series included, delivers speedy and efficient computing performance to run the long-term required industrial applications while reserving and upgrading the essential spirit of Raspberry Pi to designing a ready-for-production prototype. With the ultra small size and dedicated specifications, Industrial Pi is ideally for various tight-spaces AI vision applications like robotic arms and defect detection in factories as well as smart surveillance and traffic analysis in commercial uses.

Rugged Chassis for Easy & Direct Deployment


Installing a motherboard in the machine is not easy, but the Industrial Pi Box makes it easier and intuitive. Adopting DFI 100% in-house designed boards and chassis, the Industrial Pi Box saves user’s effort in solving heat dissipation and inhibition of dust or particle intrusion by the proprietary fanless cooling system. The comprehensive protection design not only simplifies and speeds up the integration process but also makes the devices ever durable for your long-term, critical applications in data and image collection, machine control or object detection.

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